Starting A Dog Attack Case With Midtown Injury Attorneys

In Oklahoma, dog owners are liable for injuries when their dog attacks a visitor or service provider. For this reason, the state enforces leash laws and requires dog owners to maintain control over their animals at all times.

The pet owner must also follow all laws related to preventing the transmission of the rabies virus as well. An injury attorney helps victims after these unfortunate events occur.

Reviewing State Statutes

According to Section 4-42.1 of the Oklahoma state statute, the pet owner is responsible if their animal injuries the victim. However, the stipulations of the statue require two factors to apply to the case.

The victim must have a lawful reason for being inside or outside the property, and they cannot provoke the animal. Any instance of trespassing, unlawful entry, animal abuse, or animal cruelty forfeits the victim’s rights to any form of compensation.

Vaccination Laws for Dogs

All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies under state laws. The intervals in which the vaccines are required are identified by each county. However, in most cases, the vaccines are required each year to lower the chances of infection. Any pet owner who fails to follow these laws is liable if their dog becomes infected with the virus and attacks.

Strict Liability Laws

Strict liability laws apply when the dog was involved in other reported attacks. When the attack is reported to animal control, the officer will conduct a search to determine if the dog was reported previously. If the dog has an existing record, the pet owners are immediately liable for all medical expenses for the victim and must provide compensation based on pain and suffering.

Requirements of Animal Control

The first task for the animal control officer is to determine if the dog is a threat to the public. Any unvaccinated dogs must be surrendered to a licensed vet for a quarantine period for twelve days. If the dog is deemed a risk, the animal control officer takes custody of the dog, and the dog is euthanized.

In Oklahoma, dog owners must mitigate common risks associated with owning a dog. The risks involve allowing visitors onto or inside their property and failing to prevent possible injuries related to a dog attack. Victims of these events contact Midtown Tulsa Injury Attorneys to start a claim today.